Learn your body through the tutelage of your own certified instructor that will work with you for quick results. Privates are recommend for anyone wanting the luxury of specialized attention.

Why Privates?

With a private session you have your very own trained Pilates instructor to help guide you to achieve the proper form so you can enhance your results faster. 


You book a time that works for your schedule rather than sticking to a class time.

Special Needs

A private is ideal for those with back injuries, knee/hip replacements, pregnancy, and weight loss. It is always ideal for the client that likes one-on-one attention. 



1 lesson $70
4 sessions $280
8 sessions $560
We now have the option of a 30-Day Membership. Contracts are 12 months or 6 months commitment.
12 Month 6 Month
4 Sessions = $240 $260
6 Sessions = $360 $390
8 Sessions = $480 $520
10 Sessions = $600 $650
12 Sessions = $720 $780
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*** All classes expire 6 months from purchase***

All Appointments and classes are subjected to a 24 hour cancellation Policy. If you fail to cancel prior to 24 hours in advance you will be charged for the full amount of the session. If you have not shown up within 15 minutes of class you will be charged in full and could have your space given to a stand-by student. All purchases are Non-Refundable. All packages Automatically expire after 6 months.