Latés Pilates was established in 2011 and was one of the first boutique style Pilates studio in Pittsburgh offering machine based classes for a economical price. We offer you a atmosphere that is non competitive and relaxed.

How we are different?

Our Pilates classes are based on the Classical Method, we work with our clients needs and work towards accomplishing their goals. You will never perform a set routine, our teacher’s develop custom exercises and personalize sequences to accommodate and challenge each body. Angles are adjusted, props are used, movements are dissected and at times modified. We build upon a foundation to perfect your body mechanics that let you move more freely.


What to Expect.

Back pain reduction

Weight Loss

Enhanced athletic performance

Muscular imbalance correction

Osteoporosis prevention

Pre- and post-natal strengthening

The Pilates method produces results your body can recognize, limbering your joints, revitalizing your muscles, and shaping a longer, leaner, and stronger physique. First step is easy book a session and try it out yourself!

New Client Special:
3 privates for $159 – or – 3 privates + 3 groups for $219